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A wood fence is typically one of the most commonly built for residential fencing purposes. When planning to have a residential wood fence built, there are two major factors to consider. One is the type of material being used, while the other is the construction of the fence. We use 4x4 pressure treated pine posts on our typical wood fence with Galvanized post upgrade available. Every post is set in concrete. The depth at which we set the posts is determined by the height of the fence. These depths range from 24" to 48" and sometimes deeper.

Wood Frame or Metal Frame    Patio Covers, Deck Covers, and Carports are available in standard sizes or custom sizes.  Whether you want a patio cover, deck cover, or carport you will not find a better price.  Our Patio and Deck Covers are an affordable addition to your home that add beauty and protection from the hot Louisiana sun!

Carports are an affordable addition to your home that add protection from hail, birds, rain, and the hot Louisiana sun.

Wood Decks... A great deck can capture a view, create a comfortable outdoor living space, and add square footage to your home. Your wood deck should blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living spaces. A well designed and well-built deck will make you feel just as comfortable outdoors as you are inside your home.The best part about a wood deck is that it can be built to complement any style of home. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you want; it’s all up to you as the homeowner. We enjoy creating decks that truly stand the test of time and improve the visual appeal as well as the functionality of your home.

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